From her time growing up in the home of a prominent African American preacher to the end of her life, Franklin was immersed and involved in the struggle for civil rights and women’s rights. She provided money for civil rights groups, even covering payroll, and performed at benefits and protests. When Angela Davis was jailed in 1970, Franklin told Jet, “Angela Davis must go free…. Black people will be free. Jail is hell to be in. I’m going to see her free if there is any justice in our courts,… because she’s a Black woman fighting for freedom for Black People.”
Lola Jenkins has brought a unique vision through her incredible art quilts. Her quilts display the joy and freedom of pursuing her passion. The mystique of this African-American woman is that she is just started sewing in 2004. Without any background in sewing, art, perspective, or drawing, she developed her passion. Through her courage and fearless approach in creating art quilts she has evolved to master-quilter status. Lola states, “I don’t know the rules, so I couldn’t break the rules of quilting.” Lola has won Best of Show, Judges Choice, Best Use of Color, and numerous first, and second place ribbons in Quilt Shows across the United States. She has been the featured artist in more than100 venues. She now travels across the United States and overseas giving truck shows and teaching to the masses.
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