Peggy Oki is an American skateboarder and surfer native to Southern California.  Back in the 70s she and her team used their notoriety from the Zephyr Competition Team (AKA Z-Boys) to begin the grass roots movement to save the whales. She is the creator and CEO of the Origami Whale Project that teaches children the importance of conservation today. Peggy was a noted speaker at TED. She was inducted into the Skateboarders Hall of Fame in 2012; she was featured in the movie “Dogtown and Zboys” narrated by Sean Penn. She still surfs every day and continues to use her art to create what she likes to call The Cetacean Nation.
Stacy Hurt is an award-winning artist living and working in the city of Orange, CA. Her quilts have shown internationally as well as being featured in print publications. www.stacyhurt.com

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