Found Within expresses the ability to find a hero: someone to admire, someone who makes a tough decision in the face of fear and thereby discovers the ability to rise above what he or she thinks is possible.  The potential for this transcendence resides in each of us. What holds us back is not a lack of motivation, but rather the difficulty of facing our fears. Heroism comes not only in the form of the magnificent, but also in the small decisions made on a daily basis. Quite often we don’t see the face of courage within ourselves until we look more closely, gaze more deeply, and recognize our own latent abilities. And sometimes it’s the crackle of energy that tells us we did well.
Erika Carter is an award-winning art quilter whose evocative wall quilts have been exhibited throughout the United States and in Sweden, Germany and England. Her quilts have been seen in numerous “Quilt Nationals” and “Visions” exhibitions.  Among her many honors and awards are an Award of Merit at the 1995 Quilt National, and 2002 and 1991 Artist Trust GAP (grants for artist projects) awards.  She is the author of a book about her art, Erika Carter:  Personal Imagery in Art Quilts (Fiber Studio Press, 1996), and her work has been reproduced and written about in books and magazines including Art Quilt Magazine, American Craft, and the Surface Design Journal. It is also included in many collections, including those of The Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.  Carter lives in Renton, Washington.
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