The reader, someone who chooses to process meaning from the written word, is an essential member of today’s “better world.” Who understands the climate issues? What do we do about social inequalities? How do we solve the worldwide immigration crisis? Where will our food source be in 10, 20 years? The harsh realities and extreme fantasies of our modern world require a citizenry that investigates with vigilance and comprehends with wisdom. Vast amounts of information, some factual and much delusional, needs studying and discerning. Fact checking requires a reader with mental strength, who comprehends the written word and uses multiple resources to research for the truth. Too many readers remain aliterate – able to read with comprehension, but instead choosing to ignore the facts, who make life decisions and vote without accurate information. From the brick and mortar library to digital materials to podcasts and the “cloud,” information to answer questions and concerns is readily available. The person choosing to gather information, investigate for answers, and find solutions for the world’s society order is certainly one of our heroes. Here’s to THE READER!
The Climate Reality Project
Human Rights Initiative
Natural Resources Defense Council
Mary Ritter is a retired educator who is committed to the mixed media and quilt medium. She is a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates and Professional Art Quilt Alliance – South. Mary’s art focuses on a variety of styles, from representational to abstract, that help her tell a story. She uses surface treatments such as dyeing, painting, photography, mixed media and machine and hand stitches. Mary currently exhibits at Page-Walker Art and History Center in Cary, NC. Her inspirational quilt, Le Chêne Chapelle (The Oak Chapel), is on the 2019-2020 tour with Sacred Threads Quilts, a biennial exhibition of quilts exploring themes of joy, inspiration, spirituality, healing, grief and peace/brotherhood. Mary’s work has been published in the SAQA Journal.
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